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The Gray Whale Advocate

On line since 1995. Within the pages of this website you will find everything you could want to know about Gray whales and about whale watching. Want to Pet a Whale? We will show you how. Dedicated to promoting knowledge of the Gray Whale species and the environment in which these whales live. This website contains many pages of information and opportunities to join us on an up close animal adventure.

As the web address shows, it all started with whale watching. Simply because, whale watching brings people and whales together and promotes awareness of the dangers that the different whale species face today. In this website you will find truthful, factual information, not biased by greed or by personal interests other than a deep love and respect for the Gray whales. Here you will also find whale watching trips and whale information about Gray Whales, Blue Whales, Humpbacks, Narwhals and more.

If you want more gray whale information, please click the read more button below.  If you're ready to check out some of the trips that have come from my years of following gray whales and searching out other amazing animals around the world, choose from the buttons below.  Please note that not all trips will be scheduled every year.  You can also find out how to join me on exploratory trips as I search to find the next amazing adventure.
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My career started out in construction, my heart was always searching for adventure.
My name is Keith Jones, and after years of taking my family on trips to see nature and going alone, I decided that my passion for these amazing animals was more than a hobby.  I wanted every reason I could think of to be back out there with the whales.  If I could take other people with me, I got to be there, and they had an amazing time.  A once a year trip quickly became the winter season in Baja, Mexico.  I couldn't imagine anything better.  Well, until I visited Pandas in China and Tigers in Thailand and swam with whale sharks in the gulf of California and gulf of Mexico and in the Philippines. I had discovered there was an amazing world of up close animal adventures.  Before I knew it, I had a trip for every season and was able to share my passion with others.  Life doesn't get better than this! 


Stay in our lagoon side luxury tent camp
You'll be able to hear the whales breathing at night, and during the day we are just up the beach from the dock where we depart.  No long rides out to the whale watching, you'll just be out whale watching! You'll enjoy chef prepared meals and amazing views.
Trips from 4-8 days, starting at



Combination trips
blue, finback, & gray whales
On this trip you'll visit two parts of Baja California, in the Gulf of California for blue whales and finback whales and on the Pacific side, in the Lagoon at Ojo de Liebre a very popular destination for gray whales to have their babies and teach them to swim.
8-11 day trips starting at



Thailand tour for 
Elephants and Tigers
You'll enjoy a trip to cultural, historical, and exciting locations in Thailand.  You'll get to wash Thai elephants in a river, get up close with tigers at the Tiger Kingdom.  You'll be guided by native Thai guides that speak fluent English.
New trips in the planning process right now; have a date in mind, let us know. Trips starting at


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  • "Cannot thank you and Bruce and Keith enough for all you did to make this an"experience never to be forgotten" The personal caring for our every need was beyond expectations. What a trip we had! Bless you all -from our first contact we received helpful guidance and real contact - customer service par excellence! Shalom from Israel and many years of good fortune to you all"

    -Debra Markus, Jerusalem, Israel

  • “...I just wanted to say a big thank you for such an amazing few days. The whale watching was something else and the camp was great. For such a short period of time to get it up and running I thought everyone had done an excellnet job. If watching the whales from outside our tent was not enough already the sunrise and sunset made it just that little bit more special. The boat trips to view the whales were fantastic and we had several encounters with both Mama and baby whale.

    -Diane & Dave Watt

  • "If anyone is interested in whale watching, Keith Jones is the perfect guide. The pics are incredible! Went to China with him twice and it was the most awesome experience! The most knowledgeable person I know. Quite an interesting character too!!!"

    -Donna Martin

  • "Well, Mr Jones, I have had a WHALE of a time. I certainly know why your heart lies here as mine will be breaking when I leave but I will leave my love and take home my shattered heart. I have enjoyed all of it and observed some precious moments. Even you are not so bad after all. Thannk you Until ....... mañana"

    -Dianne Lennon, United Kingdom

  • "Just wanted to say thank you for all Bruce, Keith and you did to make my mother's and my trip such an enjoyable time. I truly appreciated all that you did. Please send a special thank you to Bruce, as nothing seemed like too much trouble for him. Thank you for the care and concern and I hope my diet restrictions were not too much trouble.‚Ä®Hope to join your company again in the future."

    -Avigail Ward

  • "My wife and I decided to finally do this after talking about it for several years. Wish I would gone sooner. Everyone treated us great food and accommodations. We upgraded to the luxury tents to stay closer to the whales."

    -Gregory J Marler

  • "The camp I thought was wonderful and the food very good. Thank you for all you have done for us. We will be eternally grateful for the Gray whale experience in Guerrero Negro."

    Eddie and Liz


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