Keith Jones and the Gray Whale Advocate
I believe that people find it harder to ignore the plight of our world's amazing creatures when they have knowledge about them and when they have seen and interacted with them in person.  I set up this website to share the information I had collected through the years and some pictures I had taken.  As time went on it kept growing, to over 150 pages at one point.  Then as things happen in the internet age, my website got hacked and they erased the entire site and all the pictures.  I had a partial backup and was able to restore it to near what it was.  As I began fixing parts of the site, I decided to modernize it a bit (even though I wasn't sure design hadn't changed that much since I chose the color pallet back in the mid 90's, my family was).  Then, I also discovered that search engines had changed as well and if the site wasn't optimized for mobile devices, often people won't be able to find it.  So, since I believe that my website without new visitors isn't achieving it's goal, I went ahead with a complete redesign.  So, I hope return visitors enjoy the new format as much as I hope many more visitors find it and discover information about California gray whales, and all the other amazing animals I have fallen in love with over the years.  And maybe, if you are so inclined, you might think about joining me on a trip.

My name is Keith Jones and this a picture of my grand daughter and I in Africa. I have loved travelling ever since I can remember, and have spent more of my life away from home than I have sitting at a desk. I have been successful in instilling this love of travel in her as well (though her parents would say they played an equal roll too). This trip, my first to Africa, was designed for her.  On a trip to China, when she was10, she asked me to take her to Africa when she graduated high school, I did and we made it an exploratory trip and several others joined us and it became a favorite trip for everyone.  I have been to almost every continent in the world in search of animal adventures and at one time or another she has made it on all but two of the tours I've created.

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