Whale Watching in Baja

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Gray Whale Watching in Baja

2018 Season • 24th year of Whale Adventures
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Gray whale fly down trip details:

Departures and returns from Ensenada, Baja Mexico, or San Diego, USA every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
The lower price doesn't include transfer from San Diego to Ensenada Airport.
4 day $2,295 or $2,595
5 day $2,395 or $2,695
6 day $2,595 or $2,895
8 day $2,895 or $3,195
Trips begin either when we meet you at the Holiday Inn - Bayside in San Diego and transport you 2 hours to the Ensenada Airport or you find your own way to the Ensenada Airport to meet our flight to Guerrero Negro and Laguna Ojo de Liebre.
Providing luxurious touches not available at any other Baja seaside camp or cabana accommodation. Real beds with comfortable mattresses, pillows and comforters, robes and slippers, rugs on the floor. Hot water showers 24 hours a day and real flush toilets.
And then there is our restaurant that is already getting high acclaim from foodies who have tried it.
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Blue whale watching plus Gray whales at ALL THREE of the nursery lagoons.
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gray whale watching at mag bay
The most frequently asked questions are these:  

How close will I get to a whale?  Will we get to pet a whale?  How many whales will I see?   Do you guarantee that I will touch a whale?
Our response to the question about how close we get is to say that 99.5% of our groups from 1994 through 2015 did experience close touching encounters. (that was every group, but one 3 day special air charter group in 2001 and a family in April 2015)  Yes, at one time we did have one trip date each year that carried a money back guarantee for 5 years.   Nobody else in the world dared match that guarantee nor could they match our unblemished success record.
  During all of our trip dates we  guarantee that there will be tons of gray whales present inside the whale watching lagoon!   After the 1st hour you will not count how many whales you see.   It will no longer matter to you. 
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Two basic whale watching vacations

1.  Fly in to our camp, get up close with the friendly gray whales. We ALWAYS hope for and expect to have a close encounter that includes touching or petting a whale.
2.  Combination gray whale trips plus whale watching on the Sea of Cortez for the very largest whales, Blue whales and Gray whales.

Please note that all gray whale trips to Laguna Ojo de Liebre now stay at our very upscale seaside tented lodge.
1. Depart from San Diego and fly south to our seaside camp.  Whale watching at Laguna Ojo de Liebre (Scammon's Lagoon) and accommodations in our upscale seaside tented lodge. (Optional hotel in town). 
2. Start point Loreto, Baja California Sur Airport. We meet you in Loreto and your trip begins. From this start point we offer Blue whale watching trips, gray whale watching trips to San Ignacio Lagoon, Magdalena Bay as well as to Laguna Ojo de Liebre, plus several combination gray and blue whale watching trips.  Loreto trips have an hotel upgrade option available.
Baja whale watching
Gray whale trips basic description 4, 5, 6 and 8 days
These gray whale trips start in San Diego. We meet you and drive you to the Ensenada Airport for your quick flight south to Guerrero Negro. There you drive in one of our vans about 1 hour to the seaside tented lodge.
  Whale watching takes place on the Pacific Coast (West) side of Baja in remote Laguna Ojo de Liebre (formerly known as Scammon's Lagoon ).

Blue whale trips originate at Loreto, Baja California Sur, Mexico. You fly in and we meet you at the Loreto Airport. This is whale watching of the more traditional style and takes place on the Sea of Cortez in small (25 foot) power boats.

Gray and Blue whale combination trips originate at Loreto or La Paz or Cabo, Baja California Sur, Mexico. You fly in and we meet you at the airport. We combine both of the two types of whale watching. These are now our most popular tours. 8, 9 & 10, 13 & 14 day trips.

Gray Whale Safari style camp on the shore: Sleep with the whales. Watch them jump while sitting at shoreside cabin tent or from the very large dining tent. Enjoy boat rides with the whales literally only a few minutes ride from the embarkation point that is just yards from where you will sleep.  Maybe on a quiet windfree evening listen to the whales breathe while you lay quietly in your warm and comfortable bed.

This 2018 season we have 4, 5, 6, & 8 day whale watching adventures, beginning at only $1,995. Nobody has a more varied, nor a more interesting schedule.
Baja whale watching gray whale tail
Since 1994 every person who has traveled with Keith anywhere in the word on a whale watching trip, has seen whales on every whale watch day! (except for one wind blown trip)   Since 1996 every 5 & 6 day group Keith has brought to Laguna Ojo de Liebre (Scammon's Lagoon) in January, February and March has had the opportunity to touch a wild whale. No one else, anywhere in the world, can match our record. This page contains information about our various trip schedules. These trips are relatively all inclusive . We travel over the road in Suburbans or vans for our combination gray and blue whale trips. You fly down to Guerrero Negro for our gray whale trips. Combo trips take you to both sides of Baja and put you close to Gray whales and Blue whales and many other species of cetacean. You sleep in clean motel rooms on soft beds or in our Seaside tented lodge that is equipped with comfortable beds, comforters, pillows, robes, gas fired hot water showers and flush toilets. We eat most meals in local restaurants or really terrific meals in our dining tent at the shore. What dates are best? Our brochure tells a lot more but read this page that tells the different types of activity you can expect to see based upon observations in previous seasons. To sign up for one of our trips email us or phone us. 
  We are the ONLY whale watch tour operator anywhere in the world who has ever offered a money back guarantee that clients would have the chance to touch a wild whale.
We were named to the National Geographic Adventurer Magazine list of the "World's Best Adventure Tour Operators".
The only Baja whale watch tour operator on that list!
For gray whale trips with San Diego start point, see the details below our combo trip dates. Gray whale trip departures and returns any Monday, Wednesday or Friday.
February 9 - 16, 2018 - $3,195 or $3,495 eight days. Start point San Diego or you get to the Ensenada Airport on your own for your flight to Guerrero Negro.
February 9 - 19, 2018 - $3,695 or $3,995 ten day combo gray and blue whales. Start point San Diego or you get to the Ensenada Airport on your own for your flight to Guerrero Negro. The most whale watching of any of our trips.
Airfare R/T from Ensenada is included in trip price. Gray whales from seaside lodge.

Gray whale fly down trip details:

Departures from San Diego, USA every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Return to USA every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

4 day $2,295 or $2,595
5 day $2.395 or $2,695
6 day $2,595 or $2,895
8 day $2,895 or $3,195

Higher prices listed above; we meet you at the Holiday Inn -Bayside and our driver transports you to the Ensenada Airport.  Then you fly the 400 miles to Guerrero Negro where we meet your flight and transport you about one hour more to our remote seaside tented lodge.

This is a relaxing and easy way to get to our very remote whale watching location.

Lower prices listed above; Your trip begins when you board the flight from Ensenada to Guerrero Negro. You find your way to the Ensenada Airport. For some travelers this more complex planning just adds to their adventure.
     While for others the ease of getting off their flight in San Diego, hopping the complimentary shuttle to the Holiday Inn and then riding with us in the morning to the airport are a better - although more expensive choice.

gray whale book cover
Want to do your whale watching trip with Keith along as the guide / naturalist? Ask us which trips he is scheduled to be along on.

But we want you to know that after 20 years, our staff is highly skilled, deeply committed to giving great vacations and fun to be around. All of our staff has 5, 10 or 20 years or more of tourism and whale watching experience.

Most of the crew was chosen for their friendly, open and approachable personality and attitudes so they could make up for Keith's less open demeanor. Then through years of practice and training and experience on the water they have developed into a great whale watching crew.

Whichever trip you choose, you will be well taken care.

Telephone Office (USA): 562-889-4016

Keith's Cell Phone (USA): 626-512-0877

     E-mail: keith@jonesadventures.com

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