Panda Preserves

Information about China's Panda Preserves
Wolong was the one panda preserve in all of China that excelled far beyond all the others at breeding the Giant Panda.  Researchers here have made more advances in artificial breeding and raising pandas in captivity than anywhere in the world. The biggest years for babies was in 2007 when 16 were born and then 2008 when 19 were born. Bifengxia is located in the high, densely forested mountains between the Sichuan Basin and the Tibetan Plateau about 75 miles from Chengdu.  The area has a varied  topography that supports a broad range of vegetation and animal life.  Among the animals that inhabit the preserve are leopards, macaques, white-lipped deer, or takins. Bifengxia has taken over as the pre-eminent panda breeding center. Most of the Wolong pandas were relocated here following the May 2008 earthquake. The administration, research and panda keeping staff also was relocated here to try and preserve the high quality research and breeding program.
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Our panda volunteering tours originally went to the Wolong Panda Preserve.  Since the 2008 earthquake we have been going to the Bifengxia Panda Preserve which is where the Wolong staff and most pandas were relocated to.
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