Tiger Temple Tour

Onanong Hukharn, English speaking licensed Thailand guide
Thailand Tiger Temple to Pet a Tiger! 
Join me for the most exciting Tiger encounter imaginable.  Walk beside a full grown tiger,  pet tigers, if you choose maybe even have a tiger lay his head in your lap while you pet him.
Tiger cubs are at the Temple! Playful, energetic, bundles of fun.
For more information or to speak to Keith or Onanong about the trip possibilities just send us an email..
A brief note about this website: You found your way to the Onanong Hukharn, Thailand guide webpage that is located on the website www.greywhale.com . Onanong and Keith (Baja Jones Adventures) have worked closely together since 2006 developing special and unique tour experiences in Thailand. You can enjoy private custom Thailand tours with Onanong as your experienced and friendly English speaking tour guide, for the cost of a group tour. Or ask us and join one of Keith's small group Thailand tours.
This could be you! 
Your English speaking Thai guide Onanong,
with a young tiger
Hi, I'm Onanong Hukharn, a TAT licensed English speaking tour guide here in Thailand. I have been a tour guide in Thailand since 2006.

On this page I will describe the two very different tiger encounters that you can have when you travel to the Tiger Temple with me.

The first and well known program is the
Afternoon Program.

The second program, reserved for only a few people each day is the very special
Morning Program.

Description & photos of the VERY SPECIAL MORNING PROGRAM
7:00 a.m . You will join in as small donations of food are given to the Temple monks as they begin their daily morning spiritual rituals with the collecting of food. In Buddhist culture the giving of food to the monks is a deeply ingrained method for the giver to earn merit. This is not about charity, but about earning merit on the path to spiritual enlightenment.
8:00 a.m. We gather at the Temple pavilion (prayer platform) where the monks pray, chant & meditate in a morning religious ceremony that is played out at a thousand large and small temples across Thailand every morning. Here at the Tiger Temple it is a little bit different because there are almost always a handful of young tigers roaming around the pavilion, under the watchful eye of their keepers. There is nothing like this anywhere on planet Earth.
9:00 a.m . We eat breakfast with the monks and Temple staff. Then we walk the tigers to the enrichment enclosure. Have you ever walked a tiger on a leash? What a unique experience.
10:00 a.m . You will walk with the monks and the tigers down to a large pond where the tigers have a morning play time in the water. You will be pleased, surprised and exhilerated by the action here as the young cubs act like oversize kittens, rolling and playing in the cool water.
10:30 a.m
. Our special and unique encounter with the tigers comes to an end. I promise you that this is a morning you will remember and cherish forever.
This special encounter program isn't for everyone. It changes from day to day to suit the tigers and to accommodate the everchanging activities at the Temple. It is a little bit expensive and if you are doing one of my day tours, you must leave from Bangkok very early in the morning.
For a small cost we can arrange to stay overnight in nice comfortable accommodations near the Temple on the evening before this early morning tiger encounter program.

Frequently my clients choose to go to a nearby elephant camp after the morning experience. CLICK HERE to view details from the elephant camps that I am associated with.

Please note that the cost of my private day tour from Bangkok to the Tiger Temple and also to local Elephant parks is quite inexpensive. Call or email us for the exact price and details because the price changes up and down depending on the dollar / baht exchange rate and other factors such as transport costs and admissions etc.

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Description and photos of the Afternoon Program

12:30 p.m. We arrive at the Temple and enter the Temple grounds. As you enter you will notice many animals roaming free inside the walled temple grounds. Water buffalo, horses, pigs, deer and other animals have been given refuge at the temple, not only tigers.

1:00 p.m.The monks walk with us from the upper meeting area down into the viewing valley. Here the tigers are placed into their assigned locations and then lay or sit there under the watchful eye of their individual keeper.

For the next 2 hours the temple staff walks individuals amongst the tigers. There you have the chance to sit, kneel or stand near several different tigers as the staff member uses your camera to take some photos of you. There is usually time for you to walk through this experience a couple times, just depending on how many people show up that afternoon.

2:00 p.m.We leave the Tiger Temple and return to Bangkok or some other location. This ends an encounter experience with tigers that it isn't possible to have anywhere else in the world. You will not be disappointed.

Frequently my clients choose to go to a nearby elephant camp before the afternoon encounter experience. CLICK HERE to view details from the elephant camps that I am associated with.

A note from Keith Jones briefly describing his special 9 day Thailand adventure tour experience.
Travel with me to Thailand where we will visit this unique Buddhist Temple known as The Tiger Temple. This Temple has developed an encounter program that allows us to actually touch and have a photo taken with one or several tigers. The abbot (head monk) walks an unleashed tiger from the cage area to the Tiger Valley, a distance of about 1/4 mile. As he walks this large adult tiger, without benefit of a leash or restraint of any kind, we are able to walk beside him and the tiger, with their hands resting on the unrestrained tigersÂ’ back.
There is not another program like this on the face of the planet. You will walk and sit with as many as 14 tigers surrounding you.   You'll have the chance to give an elephant a bath.  If you choose the Mae Mae overnight village stay you will experience a good Thai massage and an herbal sauna in the jungle!  Onanong and I spent a lot of  research time to put this trip together. Yes we have great fun jobs. . .   I know that I've found some interesting things for us to do that are both unusual and off the beaten path.   Yes, we'll see some normal tourist destinations, but we will also have the chance to experience parts of Thailand that very few people ever visit.
This is a guided trip. I (Keith Jones) plan to lead the trip although I do not make every trip.  What you make of this trip will be up to you.  The Tiger Temple is fun and exciting.  To hear a tiger growl while his head is laying in your lap is an experience beyond description.   That vibration is one that will stay with me for a long time to come
The hotel that we stay at in Kanchanaburi, while visiting the tigers, features a large swimming pool on the shore of the Kwai River. These rooms have A/C.  We're within walking distance of the famous "Bridge on the River Kwai".  In Chiang Mai we stay at a nice lodge also with A/C.  
To join us you should have an open mind. You must be able to walk unassisted. 
If you are fascinated by Tigers, this will likely be one of the most exciting and memorable experiences of your life. The Tiger Temple has been seen in a number of TV documentaries as well as being featured in numerous magazine and newspaper articles. While I was there in June a writer for National Geographic Australia was also visiting doing research for a story on the Temple. I would like to mention that I lived at the Temple for a period of about 4 weeks and 2 weeks more. Onanong and I both have an insiders knowledge of the tiger care and handling.
You must see the photos on our website to understand the intimate contact you will have with the tigers. 
Thailand is a beautiful and peaceful country that you are sure to enjoy traveling in. It is one of my favorite countries to visit. The people are friendly and happy. The roads are good. The weather is nice, if on the warm side.
Thailand is my favorite place in the world to travel through. There is always something new and different to find along the way.


Onanong can help guide you with side trips or tours to any destination in Thailand or in Southeast Asia. Laos, Cambodia or Vietnam are all neighbors and easy to visit while on a Thailand vacation. Onanong speaks several local languages and understands some other mountain dialects as well.
We reserve the right to change the itinerary to meet local conditions such as remodeling, road work, seasonal changes or other events that affect the quality of the experience. This applies to the hotels we have listed as well. We don't change the itinerary or accommodations without a reason and strive to keep the tour as close as possible to the original plan.
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