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Subject: trip cancellation insurance

Here are links to various websites that sell trip insurance. Baja Jones does not endorse any insurance agent, company or provider. This information is provided to assist you in searching for the best coverage that matches your requirements. You must read the print carefully. Cheapest is not best for this purchase. I am not an insurance expert. I urge you to consult with your travel agent or to speak directly to some of the companies.

What would I want the insurance to cover if I were purchasing it? Certainly if you are booking a flight reimbursement for your non-recoverable expenses should your flight be canceled or a delay in your flight cause you to miss the tour.  For our drive down trips you may be more interested in emergency medical, emergency evac and that type of coverage. Of course your airline could lose your bags, so that may be a consideration.

Here are some companies to consider, but there are others as well:

Access America (800) 284-8300
Travel Insured Internation (800) 243-3174
Amex Assurance Co. (800) 234-0375
Berkley Group (800) 645-6615
HealthCare Abroad (800) 237-6615
CSA Travel Protection (800-348-9505
MEDEX Assistance Corporation (800) 523-8930
International Travelers (800) 732-5309
Mutual of Omaha/Tele-trip (800) 228-9792
TravelGuard (800) 826-1300
US Assist (800) 2225-5911

Here are some on line sign up sites.

Deciding what travel insurance to buy and how much to spend can be a daunting process. Here are some factors to consider:

Primary elements of travel insurance include trip cancellation, trip interruption, accidental death or dismemberment, medical/dental coverage, transportation to adequate medical facilities, loss of luggage or personal possessions, and protection against the default or bankruptcy of suppliers. Other insurance options can include personal liability coverage for damages, legal defense, bad weather and many other contingencies.

One of the most confusing aspects of travel insurance is that of pre-existing conditions that can void your trip-cancellation coverage. Some insurance companies are more liberal than others on this score and at least one outfit now waives pre-existing conditions. Remember that a basic premise of selling trip-cancellation insurance, like insurance in general, is to exclude forseeable claims.

A common cause of trip cancellations is a change in job status.  If this would cause you to cancel, then consider adding a rider to your trip insurance that would cover you in the event of a change in your job status.

With trip cancellation/interruption, find out precisely who is covered. Must the insured be traveling with you or could coverage include someone at home who becomes ill? Similarly, determine exactly when coverage starts and ends. In the event of medical evacuation, see if the policy means an evacuation only to the nearest medical facility -- or all the way to your home. Does the insurer have a 24-hour hot line to provide emergency travel advice and assistance?

Overall, consumers should read all the fine print (granted, not always easy) and ask a lot of questions. The more you know up front, the fewer hassles you will encounter if you need to file a claim.

Many providers require you to purchase the travel insurance within a certain time period of signing up for your trip.   Some allow only a couple of days, so don't delay in checking for trip insurance.

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